Emergency Lighting & Power Solutions

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Other services

BLE Power is one of the UK’s leading suppliers of emergency back-up power systems and we offer a full range of services to compliment our core product range so that we can provide a solution to suit your particular environment or application.

Design & Installation

During the design stages of any project we can assist you with the loading of your central system and the specification to ensure you meet with all current regulations and the system fulfils all of your requirements.

In addition to manufacturing, installing and commissioning your central system we also offer the following in addition to a complete range of emergency power parts:

  • Circuit monitor relays
  • Auto test modules
  • Hold off relays
  • Self test modules
  • Change over modules integral and remote
  • Comprehensive range of slave fittings (24v, 50v and 110v)
  • Build of bespoke sealed lead acid batteries


At BLE Power, we know that regular servicing and maintenance are key to maximising the life of your emergency power back-up system, as you would expect with any critical equipment. So we have put together a range of emergency power service contracts to suit all.


If you are not sure of your requirements, we offer an emergency power audit at your site completed by one of our UPS experts, alternatively you can contact BLE Power today to talk to one of our team.